The Audition C.a.t.
Consolidated Audition Tracker

Welcome to the future of audition logging for the professional actor.

The Audition C.A.T. puts data-driven analytical tools in the palm of your hand to take control of your audition success. Turn your audition log into easy-to-digest data points and upgrade your audition life.

It’s just that simple.

Take Control of your Future

As an actor, there are so many things outside of your control. 

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Robust Audition Log

Easy to follow data-entry templates allow you to log the critical parts of your audition!

Form Autocompletion

Only type a name once, allowing for faster data entry and avoiding spelling errors in your data. Reduce your input time!

Contact Management

Don’t just log your auditions, log your professional relationships. Track how often you’ve interacted with a member of casting, a creative team member, or even your agent!

Powerful Analytics

Comprehensive under-the-hood analytics tools turn your raw data into actionable steps!

Customizable Reporting

View your audition history by casting director, material performed, audition type, and more!

Personalized Alerts

Performed the same monologue 50 times with no results? Sung the same song for 6 months and never gotten a callback? Create personalized alerts to warn you it’s time to switch it up!

All of these Features are


Use on Mobile or Desktop
Utilize your tools from anywhere

Premium Features
Supercharge Your Auditions

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Unparalleled Audition Management

Turn your phone and computer into a one-stop-shop for all of your audition needs. The Audition C.A.T.’s subscription-based features combine your Audition log, Calendar, and Contact List into one consolidated application

Audition Calendar

Consolidated Audition Calendar:

  • No longer search across multiple sites.
  • Lists all publicly listed auditions* for:

ConcertsEvents, and more!

Sortable to Your Needs

Stop reading every single listing!

  • See only the auditions relevant to you! 
  • Completely Sortable and Filterable by:

DateUnionPayscaleAudition TypeCasting Director, and more!

“My Auditions” Calendar

Make your Audition plan for the week

  • Mark auditions you plan on attending
  • Plan your strategy by entering:

Rep to PerformOutfitResearch, Follow-Up Strategy, and more!

Streamline Your Log

Import data from auditions you attend!

  • Streamline the time you spend logging
  • Import the publicly listed data

Reduce the time you spend logging, and Increase your productivity!

Under $20/year!
$9.99 every 6 months **

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